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My good friend, Julie McCarver, has announced that she is running as a Republican candidate for Associate Circuit Judge, Division 4, in St. Francois County. Julie is a local attorney whom I have known for many years as a private attorney with her own law office here in the county and she has also worked as a Municipal Prosecutor in this area since 2013.
I am asking that you join me in supporting Julie McCarver in her election for Associate Circuit Judge on August 2, 2022.
Julie is a member of the NRA; a founding member and former Secretary of the St. Francois County Conservative Club; and is also a founding member of the Eastern Missouri Conservative Club.
Julie was named Conservative Champion of the Week by Liberty Alliance in April 2021. Additionally, Julie and I both served as Republican Delegates together in 2020.
Julie possesses a deep understanding of the law and will bring with her many years of judicial knowledge and vast experience and an impartial and independent legal mind to our community.
Julie and her family are active members of St. Joseph Church in Farmington. In my opinion, Julie is a very strong conservative Christian woman, wife, mother, friend and patriot and I know she will make an excellent Judge.
— Joshua Barrett

I am writing to endorse Julie McCarver as the next Associate Circuit Court Judge for St. Francois County, as she is the right choice. I have known Ms. McCarver for almost a decade; I am attorney and have had the pleasure of practicing alongside of her. Ms. McCarver is known in the legal community as a fierce advocate for her clients, while also exemplifying the highest integrity. I value a strong bench and have learned over the years that a strong bench requires judges that have knowledge, experience, and humility. Regarding knowledge, a judge’s work requires a superior level of intellect; judges need to be smart. As to experience, the law is so vast that experience in the law is required for a judge to have a full and complete understanding of the law. Finally, regarding humility, a judge needs to know when his or her knowledge or experience does not adequately guide him or her and to commit to finding the right answer. Ms. McCarver possesses all of these qualities; she is smart, she is experienced, and she is humble.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to support multiple colleagues seeking the bench and have watched many succeed in their pursuit. While my comments above are short and succinct, please know that I could write chapters explaining my endorsement of Ms. McCarver. My comments above regarding knowledge, experience, and humility have developed over time through watching attorneys succeed in the transition to the bench, as well as practicing before excellent judges.

Judges are the gatekeepers in our system to make sure the right thing happens at the end of the day. Ms. McCarver is the right choice for the job and I will be honored to practice in front of her as the next Associate Circuit Court Judge for St. Francois County.

— Ramona Gau

I am the retired owner of Sam Scism Ford in St. Francois County, Missouri, a company that I helped my family build in this community my entire life.  I have been a life-long Republican, and I have previously served as the president for the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association (MADA).  I was also Missouri Director for the National Automobile Dealers Association.

  I first met Julie in 2019, as Julie was the secretary and a founding member of the St. Francois County Conservative Club.  It is also my understanding that Julie was also a charter member of the Missouri Eastern Conservative Club, which was founded in 2020; and that Julie was a Republican delegate in 2020.

    From 2013 until this date, Julie has proudly served as a Municipal Prosecutor in the St. Francois County cities of Park Hills, Farmington, and then in Bismarck, where Julie had a strong working relationship with our local law enforcement officers.

    I worked most closely with Julie when she served as the St. Francois County liaison for my campaign, Scism for Senate, during the year of 2020.   

During this time that I spent with Julie I learned that Julie and her family have strong Republican values.  Julie is strongly in favor of the second amendment, is a CCW holder, and is a good shot, if you ever have the honor of going to the gun range with Julie.  Julie and her Husband named their daughter, Dagny, after the main character in the book, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, which is a fictional novel which speaks to the evils of communism and socialism, which Julie will tell you was the second most influential book during Julie’s life.

During discussions with Julie I can tell that she gives careful thought to and works very hard as an attorney.  Julie has experience running her own small town private practice; she has experience as a prosecutor; she has experience working for a small law firm in Jefferson County; and she also had experience working for a large law firm in downtown Kansas City.

I believe very strongly that Ms. McCarver would be an amazing Judge.

— Kent Scism

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